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  • Remote Work MOU
    Posted On: Feb 05, 2024

    Memorandum of Understanding Between San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit and AFSCME Local 3993

    RE: AFSCME Alternative Work Program

    AFSCME has contract language outlining the terms of remote work in Section 10.2 of its Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). 

    The Parties agree to the following:

    1. Eligible AFSCME employees will be allowed to work remotely up to two (2) full days per week.
    2. AFSCME employees with Remote Work Plans shall receive flexible remote work days each calendar year as specified below:
      1. 2023, 6 flex remote days
      2. 2024, 18 flex remote days
      3. Jan 1-Jun 30, 2025, 6 flex remote days
      4. These flex remote days must be requested in advance and approved by the supervisor or manager. 
      5. These days must be taken in full-day increments.
      6. Flex remote days cannot be rolled over into the following year. 
      7. If an employee is required by their manager to report to work on one of their flexible workdays it will not count against their allotment. 
      8. A supervisor or manager shall act reasonably and in good faith when deciding to approve a request for flex remote day.
    3. AFSCME agrees represented employees working remotely will:
      1. Enter relevant TRC codes on their timesheet. 
      2. Work Remotely from an approved work location, such as (1) their assigned home address, (2) in the state of California within a reasonable distance that will allow the employee to report to work, if needed. 
      3. Maintaining a work-like atmosphere while working remotely. 
      4. Adhere to remote workdays stated in their Remote Work Plan
    4. An Employee's Remote Work Plan may be suspended up to ninety (90) days for non-compliance of this agreement. 
    5. Remote work for new hires in their probationary period allowed after ninety (90) days, without the approval of an Executive Manager.
    6. Promotive hires (promotions) into remote work positions may maintain their current remote work arrangements. 

    How to submit a Work Remote Plan

    1. Complete an AFSCME Work Remote Plan form, based on conversation with supervisor or manager of schedule to work remotely up to two (2) days per week. 

    2. Submit completed form to your supervisor or manager. 

    3. Supervisor or manager will submit form to Labor Relations for processing and approval of TRC remote work codes to populate your timesheet. 


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